In Latin it means Ц Silver and Gold. The ARGENTUM AURUM collection couples these two precious metals symbolizing the unity and struggle of two opposites, which is a fundamental law of the Universe!
Silver and Gold are the Moon and the Sun, motion and state, man and woman.

Complementing each other, they create the most powerful energy of the Universe's harmony!
Great ideas ought to be fulfilled exquisitely. That is why each and every item of the ARGENTVM-AVRVM collection is made by hand only. The process from design to production of these items is a long one. Carving experts make wax models by hand, then casting experts cast metal molds, and then jewellers carefully work the articles by hand again, so as to make them shine with silver and glitter with gold.


The great-grandson of the renowned Danish sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen (1770-1844), late Classical style, who created an extensive series of marble panels devoted to Hellenic and Roman mythology and heroic epics of the ancient world at the beginning of the 19th century. In this series, Bertel Thorvaldsen succeeded in carving an immense frieze of Carrara marble for the Quirinal Palace in Rome, depicting Alexander the Great, in only 3 months of 1812.

Torus Thorvaldssen is the pupil of Jacques-Baptiste de Honnecourt, a French "revolutionary" and "rebel" in jewellery fashion in the 1960s.

Torus designs his works in the style of an eclectic synthesis paralleling the cultures and archetypes of various epochs, from Paleolithic drawings to high-tech gothic drawing on the works of Giger and Hans Bellmen.

Torus lives in Baden-Baden, Edinburgh, and Copenhagen. As he collects and likes to read vintage books of the 18th century in Braille in his spare time, his friends have nicknamed him 'Borges'.

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